eDoc WordPress Tables

eDoc Easy Tables allows you to create multiple tables very fast and with little complexity. We specialize in offering plugins that accomplish the core mission of that plugin without unuseful, complex and confusing features. If you need a manual for a plugin, then the developers are doing it wrong. Our Table plugin offers the following option to help get you up and going while also looking great fast.


  • Responsive Layout – Looks great on desktops, tablets and mobile devices without you needing to code a single thing
  • Theme Matching Style – We assume you want a table that matches and looks like it belongs on your website. We also assume you do not want to spend precious time writing CSS to tinker with it. Easy.
  • Multiple Tables – Most websites that need one table, may need another we have found. We allow you to create as many as you want, and they operate independently.
  • Metrics Reporting – You can specify an email and get automatic reports emailed to you weekly of how many people are accessing and using your tables. Track downloads and clicks.
  • Delegate Access – Allow other users to maintain tables on your website by inputting their userID. 
  • Intuitive Layout – Easy to setup. Easy to edit. Fast to deploy. We value your time.

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